Welcome to our website of the German Council of Oral Surgery and Implantology (GCSI).
Below you will find information about the German Council of Oral Surgery and Implantology (GCSI) and the scientific standard of our postgraduate education program. This creates the possibility of an academic worldwide network.
Colleagues who wish to become certified by GCSI and to benefit from the advantages of this international network of multiple governmental and private universities, colleges and academies, have a partner with an excellent level of scientific expertise.

GCSI offers a science-based education structure with 3 models. Hereby I would like to emphasize that GCSI operates absolutely company- and product-independent and trains only according to current scientific standards.
GCSI offers a variety of continuing education models  with internationally leading speakers from science and practice. It goes without saying that all education courses and examinations are conducted in English.

After successful completion of the GCSI program with the certificate "Competency in Dental Implantology (CDI)", the delegate will receive the opportunity at a German state (governmental) university to complete a Fulltime Master Degree (120 ECTS ) or Part Time Master Degree (60 ECTS) with the academic qualification “Master of Science in Dental Implantology and Oral Surgery (MSc)”.
The high value of the “Competency in Dental Implantology (CDI)” certificate issued from the GCSI is reflected in the reduced length of study time in the Master's degree program (MSc) and reduced tuition fees.
Our cooperation with the internationally operating International Medical College (IMC) and the state University of Duisburg / Essen gives GCSI the opportunity to occupy an outstanding position in the world-wide implantology training field, combined with the possibility of obtaining an academic Germany.
It must be taken into account that Germany is ranked among the top countries worldwide in the field of dental implantology and postgraduate education and training. Roland Hille